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Hey what's up athlete! 


Remember 2 a days?! Stadium runs, poles, shuttles, cone drills, suicides, deadlifts, indian drill, wind sprints...I think you get the point! 


Well, I know that exercising and training consistently (if at all for some of you) can be hard ESPECIALLY if you've been out of it for a while - I can tell you as an ex college athlete myself, it's a lot more engaging when I can tap into the sports that I grew up playing and loving!


Bsaketball and baseball are my 2 favorite sports (and I was a heck of a QB also) but when I'm going through my sports drills it just hits different. It's like a switch is flipped. This is a GREAT opportunity for you to get back into it!  The thing is, if you're not experienced like myself you have to be careful not to take it too fast, pace yourself and gradually build yourself up level by level. We still have to go to work tomorrow.


On top of strength, agility, conditioning and flexibility training, the BEST part of the program is that we'll be integrating actual sports into the training routine - basketball, football and baseball drills with balls. 


I wanna help you get back and stay back - fill out the form, register and let's train like an athlete, get some of that juice back and get in shape in the process! 


Begins MONDAY, JULY 31st, 2023

Glory Days Challenge (July 31st)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Your challenge  includes:

    • 1 hour sessions
    • Comprehensive nutritional program
    • Additional Cardio coaching & HIIT (up to 3 days a week)
    • Free Gym Membership
    • 24/7 Trainer Support
    • 30% Preferred Discount at Vitamin Shoppe
    • Nutritional Supplement coaching
    • Discount at Sante Rejuvenation Recovery Spa


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