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A key element of the program is the use of technology to facilitate program delivery and administration.

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  • Client Profiles 
  • Lifestyle Evaluation & Biometric Analysis
  • Medical History
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Mobile App website 2.png
  • 1000's of Exercises and Workouts
  • Custom Workout Plans & Resources
  • Daily Fitness Tracker
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Laptop App 6_website.png
Mobile App website 1.png
  • Complete Nutritional Library Database
  • 1000's of Meal Plans, Recipes & Nutritional Info
  • Daily Food Journal 
  • My Fitness Point Rewards Program
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Laptop App 5_website.png
Mobile App website 8.png
  • Set & Track Fitness Goals
  • Design Workouts, Track Measurements, Schedule Cardio Workouts
  • Add Trainer Notes
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Mobile App website 7.png
  • Run Full Exercise, Nutrition Biometrics Reports
  • Client Progress Reports
  • Downloadable .Pdf Reports
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