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21 day challenge

The Faith Fueled Fitness Challenge is an extraordinary, life defining fitness journey to overall health and wellness! Led by Master Trainer Adrian Francois and his wellness team, the FFF Challenge team will:


you not only by strengthening your body, but also increasing your knowledge of nutrition, holistic health, preventative health and expert fitness tips for everyday living;



you through goal setting, real time biometric tracking and RESULTS! Who's not motivated when they actually see real results immediately;



your will power to make better health decision and avoid pitfalls. We will push you to raise your standard for yourself in the area of personal fitness & wellness;



your ability to ultimately maintain your achievements for a lifetime!



I have to thank you! This is the 1st program I've completed successfully. I've tried so many but ended up quitting bc it was either too repetitive or I'll have questions & no one's available to assist me with the answers I was looking for. You gave me a program that I'm finally excited to participate in! Thx for answering all of my questions no matter small, the continued encouragement & keeping me on track. This time I really feel like I can reach my weight loss goals -I'd recommend your program to anyone! 

- Y. Williams

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Our Challenge Improves Unhealthy Client Behaviors

days of exercise per week


Weekly exercise commitment increased from 2 days per week to 4.5 days per week

minutes of exercise per week


Total minutes of exercise per week increased from 100 minutes per to over 200 minutes per week

accountabilty improves weight loss

7 - 9%

Avg. Body Weight Loss in 21 Days

*Ex: A 200 lb person losing 7% of their weight equals -14 lbs loss.

fruit & Vegetable servings per day

+59% Fruit

+54% Vegetables

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