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squat rx

Squat Rx provides a safe, low impact support system for executing all types of squats. It allows you to squat with perfect form while significantly reducing (in many cases eliminating) knee and hip joint pain.

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| Enhanced Pre-sale Packages |

squat rx is for EVERYONE!

Customers, clients and I are so excited about Squat RX!


Now I can focus on form and not pain!


Being active at my desk is so easy now!


Squat RX really sped up my physical therapy!

active at the office



A Fitness Community That Really Cares

As a preferred customer you have exclusive access to our Squat RX online community, where you'll have a chance to share your success stories, get tips, encourage others and find motivation through accountability and good energy!



Expert Training Tips and Accountability

Get expert guidance and motivation from your Trainer! We're here to make sure you reach your goals!


Personalized Workout Routines

Your workout routine will be designed to help you gradually advance from your current fitness and strength level to the next - until you're the best version of yourself possible! 

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