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The kiddos are back in class and we have a little more time to refocus on US now!  Come jump start your fitness with a few rounds with your favorite Master Trainer!


12 sessions at $149


Step one: Fill out this link intake form


Step two: Call for a brief consultation (if needed) (225) 772-4352 (Text me if I don't answer, I'm likely in a session)


Step three: Make your payment.


Step four: Set your training schedule.


Step five: GET STARTED!


It's that easy.


Once we get started:


1) We'll perform a body fat analysis with our biometric scale to set your baseline stats.

2) Next, we'll set your goals based on your results and desires.

3) After that, we will discuss your eating habits and establish nutrition parameters based on your goals as well as pre- and post-workout protocols.

4) We will talk through what your weekly routine looks like with cardio and off-day workouts.

5) Last, we track your results daily to maintain proper trajectory! 




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